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By talking through what issues you are having, we begin to form a holistic picture of your needs and what you are seeking to achieve.

For example, we can help you with:

  • Research and evaluation weaving perspectives sourced in our Pacific ways of being and doing.
  • Facilitating Pacific stakeholder engagement for innovative policy, programme and practice development.
  • Sourcing and opening access to workable solutions as part of our procurement.
Support for projects in the Pacific & Tuvalu
2021 Ministry of Health Leadership Development Project team: Mr Taupo Tani, Dr Tracie Mafile'o, Fa'aeafale'upolu Samuelu, Dr Nailasikau Halatuituia
Tonga Relief Effort
Taupo Tani and local NZ-Tongan community help prepare drum shipment as part of Tonga relief effort

Using our experience and expertise from decades of working in both the social development and technology fields, we can offer insights and ideas.

We have the resources and business connections to help you get the best result possible.

Our NZ-based consultancy clients, end-users and collaborators have included: All is for All, Allen + Clarke, Francis Health, Kahui Tautoko Consulting Ltd, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, and The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Ltd.

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